Blue Stripe Requirements

Orange Stripe

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Golcho Makgi: Hooking Block

Ap Palkup Taerigi: Front Elbow Strike

Sang Sonkal Makgi: Twin Knife Hand Block

Kyocha Sogi: X-Stance

Doo Palmok Makgi: Double Forearm Block


Blue Stripe

Jok Gi: Foot Techniques

Flying Side Kick

Jump Turning Kick

Ho Shin Sool: Hapkido – Self Defense

(2) Lapel Cloth Seize Fist Up

(2) Belt Grab

Red Stripe

Tul: Yul Gok – 38 movements. Meaning: is the pseudonym of a great philosopher and scholar Yi I (1536-1584 A.D.) nicknamed the “Confucius of Korea”. The 38 movements of this pattern refer to his birthplace on 38° latitude and the diagram represents “scholar”.

Kicking Combination: 3 Punch / Skipping Side Kick / Switch / Hop Turning Kick / Step Reverse Turning Kick / Turning Kick / Knife Hand Strike / Turn Back Knife Hand Strike


Nopude: High Section

Kuande: Middle Section

Najunde: Low Section

Hwa Rang Do Oath

Tul: Yul Gok

Kicking Combination:

1 Step Sparring: