Red Stripe Requirements

Orange Stripe

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Son Makgi: W-Shape Block

Swijibun Son Kup: Upset Fingertip

Doo Palmok Makgi: Low Double Forearm Pushing Block

Moorup Taerigi: Knee Strike

Moorup Taerigi: Knee Strike

Opun Sonkul: Flat Fingertip

Kyacha Sonkal Yop Makgi: X-Knife Hand Strike Block


Blue Stripe

Jok Gi: Foot Techniques

Jump 180° Crescent Kick

Jump Front Thrust Kick

Ho Shin Sool: Hapkido – Self Defense

(2) Bear Hug Arms Pinned

(2) Choke Behind


Red Stripe

Tul: Toi-Gye – 37 movements. Meaning: is the penname of the noted scholar Yi Hwang (16th A.D.), an authority on neo-confucianism. The 37 movements of the pattern refer to his birthplace on 37° latitude, the diagram represents “scholar”.

Closed Stance B

Kicking Combination: 2 Fingertip Punch / Stepping Forward / 180° Jump Back Kick / Double Turning Kick / Switch / 180° Jump Back Kick / Knife Hand Strike / Punch


Najunde Bagol Palmok Makgi: Low Block

Kuande Bagol Palmok Makgi: Middle Block

Nopunde Bagol Palmok Makgi: High Block

Tul: Toi-Gye

Kicking Combination:

1 Step Sparring: